Kickstarter Successfully Funded – Thank You!

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Here we are at the end, and we must confess ourselves overwhelmed and excited. We never imagined that when we launched our little Kickstarter campaign that we would have been able to meet so many awesome people and received so much attention. We are happy that so many others share in our passion and excitement for tabletop gaming.

Two bits of housekeeping. We’ll be sending out surveys here in the next few days to gather additional information from everyone, please be sure to fill them out as soon as possible

Next, as many of you know it can take up to two weeks for funding to come through from KS. But we are not waiting, we have already been in communication with our manufactures and are getting things rolling as quickly as we can. We will share more updates from the manufacturing process as they happen. We want you guys to share in the excitement and sometimes funny hiccups that come with manufacturing.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions as you have them. Keep in touch and be on the lookout for updates from us.

Thank you all for your support!

Kickstarter Now Live! – Bringing Tabletop Gaming To Life!

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Dungeon Lair Kickstarter 2017 is Live! – Bringing Tabletop Gaming To Life!

The wait is over! We just launched our first 2017 Kickstarter campaign. Now is the time to stock up on some accessory pieces for your fantasy tabletop gaming. Be one of the first to capture our early bird special, while it lasts, which includes all 3 sets for an even better price!

Our reward tiers include treasure chests, rats, tables, chairs and fire pots. Be sure to check out all the stretch goals that you will get for FREE once unlocked, as long as you have pledged $40 or more.

Please help support us on this project. Thank you in advance!

Click Here to visit our Kickstarter Campaign!

Sack of Human Skulls

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Introducing the sack of human skulls by Dungeon Lair. Set in a 25mm/28mm scale our pieces are perfect for D&D, HeroQuest, Pathfinder, and other fantasy role-playing games. Bring your next quest or adventure to life with a sack of beautifully sculpted human skulls. These skulls are also great for conversion projects as well, perfect for decorating your bases for your miniatures or terrain. The skulls come fully hand-painted and ready to use right out of the box!


• Fully hand-painted ready to use right out of the box
• Beautiflly sculpted
• 25mm/28mm scale
• Perfect for any fantasy role-playing game or quest
• Great for conversion projects

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Until next time – Game on!

Treasure Items Accessory Set

What good is a dungeon if it isn’t full of awesome stuff and what good is dungeon crawling if there isn’t any loot to be found?

We are working on pieces that will enhance the experience and really bring life to the environment your characters are exploring.

So today we have a sneak peak at the Dungeon Lair treasure items accessory set:

The small chest is 1/2″ and sits comfortably on a single square. The Medium chest is 1″ and the Large Chest is just under 2″ and fits comfortable over 2 squares. It also has the removable top and we will be developing different pieces that will fit inside for players to discover. We are interested in doing items that not only enhance the look and feel of your dungeon, but impact game play as well.

The Treasure Items Accessory Set will include the following:

• Large treasure chest with removable lid (You can put stuff in it – Awesome!)
• Medium treasure chest
• Small treasure chest
• Small book
• Large book
• 3 Weapons (2 Axes and 1 Polearm)
• 2 Shields
• 3 Standalone urns
• Urn group 1 (6 Urns in this group)
• Urn group 2 (3 Urns in this group)
• 2 Skulls

We hope you like what you see, until next time – Game On!

Kickstarter coming soon!

Hi everybody!

We are in the process of getting everything ready for a kickstarter campaign and we couldn’t be more excited.

Kickstarter is a proven crowd funding platform that has been a big help for the tabletop community and we are excited to get back in there. We have loved all of the board games, video games and fantasy gaming related campaigns that have been successful and soon hope to join their ranks.

For those who have been following us for a while now, you may remember that we ran a Kickstarter campaign a few years ago. We learned so much and during the course of the campaign decided to change focus to our accessories. We ended the campaign early and have spent the time since focusing on prototyping, speaking with manufacturers and artists and feel like we have some truly special things to bring to the table. We have shared a lot of the prototyping process on our Facebook page (which you should go and Like if you haven’t) so if you have questions, please share it in a comment.

As we get closer, we will be sharing more information. So sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

I wish you nothing but critical rolls, and as always, game on!