Skulls & The Room of Death…

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Deep in the dark depths of the dungeon lair, two heroes enter a room of unimaginable horrors and death! The mighty barbarian and his stoutly dwarf companion often accompany each-other on scavenge missions. Finding whatever they can that might be useful for trade, or old weapons, or even better yet, valuable artifacts and gold! The barbarian is known for his impatience in such quests, but still lends a hand non-the-less. He knows well enough that a rare find could fetch a nice price from the merchants. The dwarf on the other hand sort of likes such chores, maybe he feels because of his short stature, he lends himself well to finding the rarest of items that others might have just walked over. On this day however they find more than they were bargaining for. In a large room, they find heaps of human skulls piled on top of each-other. “What sort of tragedy happened here!”… they exclaimed.

Let this be a warning to all those who dare enter the deep spaces of the dungeon lair. Do not go in such places alone, or your fate might be that of the shattered and decaying skulls of which the barbarian and dwarf where so unlucky to stumble upon.

Miniature Dungeon Diorama Project: Large Room Part-2

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Welcome back to the Miniature Dungeon Diorama Project – Large Room part 2. As mentioned, the main reason for doing this build was to showcase our miniature accessories that we manufacture. I wanted a cool backdrop to add life to our gaming pieces.

Step 4 – Adding details to the walls / installing the door…

Adding the little details to the walls is a lot of fun and when painted up will add a lot of depth and realism to the piece. I use several different tools to add the cracks, crevices, and gouges in the walls. For the large cracks in the walls I use a dremel tool. For the smaller cracks and little gouges I use the end of a metal ruler and different sculpting tools and files that I have.


Here you can see the closeup of the door with all of the little details, such as the little rivets and metal door handle.


Step 5 – Carving the floor tiles…

This diorama has 64 separate floor tiles and each one is hand carved. No two tiles are exactly the same. This was by far the most time consuming portion of the build.


Below you can see, the floor is finally finished – save one tile! Haha, I actually missed one!


Step 6 – Dry fitting the main pillars…

So before I glue down anything permanently I always do a dry fit, just to see how everything looks and fits together. I still have to add the little details to all the pillars, but we’ll see that in the next post.


Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for part-3 of the Miniature Dungeon Diorama Project: Large Room.

Miniature Dungeon Diorama Project: Large Room Part-1

This is part 1 of the Miniature Dungeon Diorama Project – Large Room. Initially I wasn’t going to share anything related to this project, but changed my mind and thought I would share with everyone what I was building. First, a little background, I play a lot of Diablo from which I receive a lot of my inspiration from. This Diorama is something you could find in a Diablo game, and so that is what I was going for. The main reason for doing this build was to showcase our miniature accessories that we manufacture. I wanted a cool backdrop to add life to our pieces. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the build.

Step 1 – The layout…

The floor is 8″ x 8″ which will give me 64 1″ x 1″ tiles. The wall sections are 5 1/4″ in height.


Step 2 – Interior Design…

I sketched out a rough draft of what the interior was going to look like. Initially I had two doors in the design, one on either side. But later changed this to opt for a bookshelf instead. I’m glad I made the change because the bookshelf turned out beautifully and gives me a place to showcase all of the little accessories we make, such as books, skulls, weapons, etc.


You can see below an up-close shot of the sketched out interior. You will also notice where the large pillars will go from floor to ceiling. I wanted something that was big and beefy, something that would add depth to the finished piece.


Step 3 – Cutting out the door…

The first thing I did was cut out the door and add the door frame. I thought this was a good starting point and it helped me visualize how everything else was going to look.


Here you can see an up-close shot of the door frame. It looks like my Chaos Warlock approves.


Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for part-2 of the Miniature Dungeon Diorama Project: Large Room.

Treasure Chests – Accessory Set…

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Your dungeon is going to protect your most prized possessions. You need a safe place to store them. The Treasure Chests accessory set will include 6 beautifully sculpted treasure chests and 2 piles of gold. This set comes fully hand-painted ready to use right out of the box! 10 Pieces total in this set!

The Treasure Chest Accessory Set will include the following:

• 2 Large Treasure Chests with removable lids, (Yes, you can put loot in them!)
• 2 Medium Treasure Chests
• 2 Small Treasure Chests
• 2 Piles of gold.

We hope you like what you see, until next time – Game On!

Kickstarter Successfully Funded – Thank You!

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Here we are at the end, and we must confess ourselves overwhelmed and excited. We never imagined that when we launched our little Kickstarter campaign that we would have been able to meet so many awesome people and received so much attention. We are happy that so many others share in our passion and excitement for tabletop gaming.

Two bits of housekeeping. We’ll be sending out surveys here in the next few days to gather additional information from everyone, please be sure to fill them out as soon as possible

Next, as many of you know it can take up to two weeks for funding to come through from KS. But we are not waiting, we have already been in communication with our manufactures and are getting things rolling as quickly as we can. We will share more updates from the manufacturing process as they happen. We want you guys to share in the excitement and sometimes funny hiccups that come with manufacturing.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions as you have them. Keep in touch and be on the lookout for updates from us.

Thank you all for your support!

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