Treasure Items Accessory Set

Treasure Items Accessory Set

What good is a dungeon if it isn’t full of awesome stuff and what good is dungeon crawling if there isn’t any loot to be found?

We are working on pieces that will enhance the experience and really bring life to the environment your characters are exploring.

So today we have a sneak peak at the Dungeon Lair treasure items accessory set:

The small chest is 1/2″ and sits comfortably on a single square. The Medium chest is 1″ and the Large Chest is just under 2″ and fits comfortable over 2 squares. It also has the removable top and we will be developing different pieces that will fit inside for players to discover. We are interested in doing items that not only enhance the look and feel of your dungeon, but impact game play as well.

The Treasure Items Accessory Set will include the following:

• Large treasure chest with removable lid (You can put stuff in it – Awesome!)
• Medium treasure chest
• Small treasure chest
• Small book
• Large book
• 3 Weapons (2 Axes and 1 Polearm)
• 2 Shields
• 3 Standalone urns
• Urn group 1 (6 Urns in this group)
• Urn group 2 (3 Urns in this group)
• 2 Skulls

We hope you like what you see, until next time – Game On!


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