Skulls & The Room of Death…

Skulls & The Room of Death…

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Deep in the dark depths of the dungeon lair, two heroes enter a room of unimaginable horrors and death! The mighty barbarian and his stoutly dwarf companion often accompany each-other on scavenge missions. Finding whatever they can that might be useful for trade, or old weapons, or even better yet, valuable artifacts and gold! The barbarian is known for his impatience in such quests, but still lends a hand non-the-less. He knows well enough that a rare find could fetch a nice price from the merchants. The dwarf on the other hand sort of likes such chores, maybe he feels because of his short stature, he lends himself well to finding the rarest of items that others might have just walked over. On this day however they find more than they were bargaining for. In a large room, they find heaps of human skulls piled on top of each-other. “What sort of tragedy happened here!”… they exclaimed.

Let this be a warning to all those who dare enter the deep spaces of the dungeon lair. Do not go in such places alone, or your fate might be that of the shattered and decaying skulls of which the barbarian and dwarf where so unlucky to stumble upon.


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