About Dungeon Lair

Welcome to the Dungeon Lair. We are a small company focused on providing the highest quality table top gaming accessories for all your fantasy gaming needs.

We started out as a group of friends who were also gamers. We loved to play but wanted more for our own games. Playing a table top game requires a ton of imagination, that’s one of the reasons we love it so much. But when you have something that can push your imagination, inspire it, the game get’s that much better.

We started designing board pieces and accessories that we wanted to use in our games, and quickly realized we had something anyone who plays table top fantasy games would be interested in. So, we thought bigger.

From Dungeons & Dragons, to HeroQuest, and everything in between, we want to help you make the most of your games. Our focus on quality means that whether you are the Dungeon Master or a level 5 Half-Orc Barbarian who just needs to hit something with their axe, we can help you create the best board for your game.

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