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Treasure Items Accessory Set

Price: $39.05

The Treasure Items Accessory Set is beautifully sculpted and comes fully hand-painted. Includes 18 pieces total.

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Introducing the Treasure Items Set. Set in a 25mm/28mm scale, perfect for D&D, HeroQuest, Pathfinder, and other fantasy tabletop role-playing games. Bring your next quest or adventure to life with beautifully sculpted accessories. This set comes fully hand-painted and ready to use right out of the box!

Because what good is a dungeon if it isn’t full of awesome stuff and what good is dungeon crawling if there isn’t any loot to be found?


  • Fully hand-painted ready to use right out of the box
  • Beautiflly sculpted
  • 25mm /28mm scale
  • Perfect for any fantasy role-playing game or quest

This set has 18 pieces total and includes:

  • (1) Large treasure chest with
  • (1) Removable lid 
  • (1) Medium treasure chest
  • (1) Small treasure chest
  • (2) Books
  • (3) Weapons (2 Axes and 1 Polearm)
  • (2) Shields
  • (3) Standalone urns
  • (1) Urn group A (6 Urns in this group)
  • (1) Urn group B (3 Urns in this group)
  • (2) Skulls 

Product: Treasure Items Accessory Set
Weight: 3 oz
Material: Resin
Model: TIASP-001